Using VK90ABC – Policy for use

Policy for use of VK90ABC

By using this callsign you agree to the following conditions.  You will:

  • all licence classes can use VK90ABC, but stay within your licence conditions per the Amateur LCD;
  • conduct all on-air conversations in the spirit of amateur radio, and (if appropriate) talk about the ABC and its history;
  • adhere to the agreed band plans;
  • maintain a log of all QSOs and provide to VK90ABC admin in *.adi format on finalisation of your operations;
  • if using digital modes, please include your Maidenhead locator in your transmitted data;
  • refer other amateurs to for QSL information.  Our QSL policy is firm.  We will not be issuing hard copy QSL cards, no direct and no bureau;
  • refer other amateurs to for background information and links on the ABC and its history and the special event callsign;
  • we use UTC for bookings & log keeping (see below).
  • activate the callsign for a reasonable time period each day booked; a “fair go” policy. Please email admin if you intend to have any material “off-air” time so the callsign can be activated by another person during your downtime.

If you have any questions about the above policies, please contact admin at

Please send your log (*.adi format) to along with any soapbox/comments comments you’d like to make.

Important: when applying to use the callsign

In your application, please advise the bands and modes you intend to activate and also your preferred slot/s.  Slots are issued in one calendar day periods, and you may apply for up to 3 slots in one application.

We use UTC for booking slots and log keeping. Follow this link in you’d like more information about UTC.

e.g. (5-7 February); (5, 7, 12 February); or just (6, 13 February).

You may apply to use the callsign as many times as you like.

(These policies may be updated from time to time)